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The Michigan Loan Reimbursement & Employment Solution (MiLES) aims to increase access to primary care in rural and urban underserved areas of Michigan by incenting physician residents to work in MUA/P or HPSA-designated communities for two years in exchange for $50,000 in loan reimbursement. Loan reimbursement through MiLES is 100% state-funded and does not require employer contributions.

Participants will receive $50,000 loan reimbursement for qualified education debt upon signing an employment contract and prior to their service commitment. Participants must begin their two-year service obligation within 3 months of completing residency.  They are required to remain employed for a minimum of 40 hours per week for no less than 45 weeks per year at eligible practice sites providing primary healthcare services to rural and/or urban underserved populations. 

The goal of MiLES is to match employers with providers who would like to stay in the community beyond their 2-year service commitment.


Benefits to Employers

  • Help with physician recruitment through MHC at no-cost.

  • You’ll retain a board-certified physician for a minimum of 2 years.

  • Potential to retain the physician long-term.

  • Loan reimbursement through MiLES is 100 percent state funded and doesn’t require employer contributions.


Eligible Disciplines and Specialties

Providers must be enrolled in their last 2 years of residency in one of the following disciplines and specialties:


  • Allopathic (MD)

  • Osteopathic (DO)


  • Family Medicine

  • Internal Medicine

  • Pediatrics

  • OB-GYN

  • Psychiatry

  • General Surgery



Email the MiLES office at miles@mhc.org or call us at (517) 908-8245.
You'll find detailed information in the MiLES Program Guidance (PDF) available on the Resources page.


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Funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and administered by the Michigan Health Council.

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