Employment Match

MiLES awardees commit to serving two years of full-time clinical practice at an approved service site. While not a requirement, one of the primary goals of MiLES is to match employers with providers who would like to stay in the community beyond their 2-year service commitment. To that end, the Michigan Health Council (MHC) will work with you to find an approved service site that you will enjoy.

When applying to MiLES, you’ll list your top three sites and/or geographic areas of preference. MHC will provide you with options based on your preference list. If there are not current openings in your areas of choice, MHC will work with providers in those areas to try and find an opportunity for you. Providers may withdraw their application at any time prior to an employment contract being signed.

After a match has been made, an employment contract will be drawn up between you and your employer. You'll need to provide MHC with a copy of your signed employment contract so we can draw up a MiLES Agreement for you to complete and sign. Once it has been received by the MiLES Director, you will receive a check for $50,000 to be applied to your student loans. You’ll need to provide MHC with proof that you’ve paid the money on your loans (see MiLES Program Guidance (PDF) available on the Resources page).

Note: Your employment contract with your MiLES-approved site is separate and independent from your service contract with us.

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