Loan Reimbursement

When an applicant has been selected for an award, they will be notified via an award letter. 

Award funds are disbursed in the form of a lump sum payment and a check will be mailed to you once we receive your confirmation of interest, signed employment contract and MiLES Agreement.

  • You will receive $50,000 in loan reimbursement funds as long as you meet program requirements.

  • In return, you agree to provide two years of full-time clinical practice at a MiLES-approved site.

  • You must provide loan reimbursement documentation (LRD) to show that you have paid down the loans listed on your Provider Application, Part B by $50,000.


Qualifying Educational Loans
Qualifying educational loans are government and commercial loans for costs related to the undergraduate and graduate education leading to degrees in health professions in which participants will satisfy their MiLES service obligations.  Undergraduate and professional education loans not related to degrees in which participants will satisfy their MiLES service obligations are not eligible debts for this program.

Tax Treatment of MiLES Payments
Loan reimbursement awards received through MiLES are amounts received under a State loan repayment or loan forgiveness program that is intended to provide for the increased availability of health care services in underserved or health professional shortage areas and are therefore excludible from wages for FICA, FUTA, and federal income tax withholding purposes.

Change of Personal Information Reporting Requirements
To ensure timely and accurate loan reimbursement, please notify the MiLES office of any name, address, telephone and/or email changes.  To report changes, email or call (517) 908-8245.

Default Penalty
The MiLES office will work with providers to assist them, to the extent possible, to avoid a breach and fulfill the service commitment. Those who choose to leave their original employers, or are terminated, must complete their service at another eligible practice site. Participants who breach their loan repayment agreements by not completing their service obligations are subject to substantial default penalties described in the MiLES Program Guidance. The employer may impose additional penalties for breach of the employment contract. For all the details regarding default situations and penalties, please read the
 MiLES Program Guidance (PDF) available on the Resources page.

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