Selection Criteria and Funding Priorities

The Michigan Loan Reimbursement & Employment Solution (MiLES) may modify its selection criteria at any time in response to Michigan's changing healthcare provider needs.  Applications must be 100 percent complete, legible, and meet all requirements described in the instructions for individual application forms.   

Selection Factors We Use to Evaluate Awardees:

  • You honor prior legal obligations.
    We will not select you if you have a history of not honoring prior legal obligations. To determine this, we review factors such as:

    • A default on any federal payment obligations or any non-federal payment obligations (e.g., court-ordered child support payments), even that creditor considers you to be in good standing.

    • Write-off of any federal or non-federal debt as uncollectible. Or a waiver of any federal service or payment obligation.

    • A default on a prior service obligation—to federal, state, or local government, or other entity—even if you subsequently satisfied that obligation.

    • A judgment liens arising from federal debt.

  • You are not in breach of any service obligation.
    We will not select you for an award if you are in breach of a health professional service obligation to a federal, state, or other entity.

  • You do not have an existing service obligation nor will you perform another service obligation concurrently with your MiLES service obligation.
    We will not select you to participate unless your obligation to a federal, state, or other entity for professional practice or service will be complete prior to or after your MiLES service. Additionally, if you enter into other service commitments (e.g., State Loan Reimbursement Program) and are not immediately available to fulfill your MiLES service commitment after you complete your approved postgraduate training, you will be subject to a breach of contract.

  • You are not currently excluded, suspended, or disqualified by a federal agency.
    In your application, you must certify that you are not excluded, suspended, or disqualified by a federal agency.

    • You must also agree to provide immediate written notice to us if you failed to make a required disclosure or if your circumstances change in such a way that a disclosure is necessary.

  • You submit a complete application.
    We must receive your complete Application Packet postmarked between July 1 and July 31, 2019.

  • You commit to providing primary care service in a HPSA or MUA/P.
    We seek to recruit providers with a strong commitment to primary care and serving in communities most in need of primary care services. We will evaluate you based on your degree of commitment and interest/motivation of these principles.

What do we use to evaluate your commitment and interest in serving communities in need?

  • Essay
    Your essay—not to exceed 500-words—should include a description of relevant work experiences and/or activities (e.g., community service, research, and internships), which prepared you to work with underserved populations.

  • Recommendation letters
    Two letters of recommendation with detailed descriptions of your:

    • Performance in school;

    • Education/work achievements;

    • Community/civic or other non-academic achievements;

    • Ability to work and communicate constructively with others from diverse backgrounds;

    • Interest and commitment to a career in primary care and service to underserved populations and communities.

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    Must contain:

    • Relevant work experience;

    • Academic/professional achievements; and

    • Community/civic or other non-academic achievements.

  • Transcript
    Information on the courses you have taken and rotations completed, as well as your academic performance.

Funding Priorities:
Each application cycle, we have limited funds available for loan reimbursement awards. Given this, you will receive priority, if you are an eligible, qualified applicant who demonstrates that you are likely to remain in a HPSA once you complete your service commitment.

  • We assess your experience working with underserved populations. You may be able to demonstrate this through past work and volunteer experiences, as well as your background.

  • We will base our assessment on your essay and information gathered in your recommendation letters and resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV).

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